What is a Kabrere in Boavista

The island of Boavista is a very characteristic physical space, where the first inhabitants laid, from the end of the 16th century, the first stones for the emergence of a new society, with kind people.
From the historical-cultural studies on this island, we were able to verify, in fact, that the slaves and free men brought there from 1490 onwards, contributed to the genesis of a new society, with a cultural identity of its own in the context of Cape Verde.

In fact, an important socio-cultural heritage was created and accumulated in Boavista throughout its history, thanks to the symbiosis between the cultural traits brought there by the ethnic groups present; international trade relations, based on the “products and effects of the earth” that geomorphology provided; and the contacts between its inhabitants and the foreign peoples who arrived there, resulting in the historical and cultural heritage of the island.

With regard to the population clusters resulting from their settlement, in the eastern area, in relation to the Serras do Norte, are located the villages of João Galego, Fundo das Figueiras and Cabeça dos Tarafes, and, in the western area, Vila de Sal -Rei and the villages of Rabil, Estância de Baixo, Bofareira, and Povoação Velha. These population clusters thus embody a society whose essence is the man from Boa Vista.

Of all this historical and cultural heritage, its creator stands out: the Boavista. Indeed, the great heritage of Boavista is, above all, its people. In fact, anyone who knows the “kabrere”, having lived with him for a long time, knows that the most beautiful thing about his island is, in essence, the human warmth of its people, with a welcoming spirit and a happy and friendly coexistence, together with of which you can still feel reminiscences of its genuine morabeza of yesteryear. It’s just that, among the people of Boa Vista, it was a tradition to feel a friend in each visitor.

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