The establishment of a small cruise ship line in Boa Vista or Sal

On Friday October 25 the chairman of the board of directors for Enapor- Cape Verde ports, Jorge Maurício stressed that there is a possibility that a small cruise ship company may establish a base in the ports of Boa Vista or Sal.  He also indicated that tourists who come to Cape Verde can use this as an opportunity to explore the archipelago by flying to the base port island and then taking a cruise visiting the other islands. This is a classic sun and sea tourism service with inland cruise tourism, which is a “complementary offer, a combination”.  Jorge Mauricio said: “This will indeed be able to increase the business and diversify the services of all tourism operators.”

 Enapor found that small cruise companies are demanding for Cape Verde, which is very important for the Cape Verdean market, as they can make several stops on all the islands of the country, as they are not confined to the two main ports (São Vicente and  Praia). Currently Cape Verde has between three and four ships a day circulating in several islands and ports of the country, and will bring in a new company for this segment in 2020/2021, as indicated in the proposal of creating a base port on one of the tourist islands. This will be the fifth cruise line to operate in Cape Verde after Noble Caledonia, Poignant, Variety Cruise and Apagloid.

 In addition to the approximately four dozen usual large cruise ship calls at the largest ports in the country, from October to April, this year Porto Grande do Mindelo was also included in the MSC Magnifica Round-the-World route.