Corona Virus in Boa Vista – Cape Verde

UPDATE 25 August 2020:

After being completely closed for 2 months in a state of emergency, the island of Boavista is now COVID-free for more than 90 days. On some other islands there are positive cases, mostly asymptomatic patients. Travel between the islands is limited and it is mandatory to have a PRC test carried out no more than 72 hours before the trip.

The same rule applies to travellers arriving from abroad, which is currently possible through flights of the TAP area company, via Lisbon, with stopovers in Praia and S. Vicente. There are further direct flights to Sal and Boavista from mid-September. For the moment, these connections are considered air corridors for Cape Verdean citizens, residents, relatives, business or property owners and workers with regular contracts. There is an obligation to wear a mask on public premises, and although the situation on the island is completely under control, the authorities call for the utmost caution.

The opening of similar air corridors is also planned for other countries, including Italy (probably Milan) by the end of September. In the meantime, work is underway to expand the local hospital, for the opening of a virology and anti-COVID treatment centre, as an essential condition for the reopening of international flights to tourism. We will provide further information as soon as possible.

Since the beginning of the pandemic to date there have been 3,568 cases of Corona Virus in Cape Verde (of which only 57 in Boavista), 2,673 patients recovered, 856 active and 37 dead.

UPDATE 15 July 2020: The return of air connections throughout the country on Wednesday, with 34 weekly flights to the archipelago at the beginning, according to the director of inter-island transport of Cape Verde (TICV) Luis Quinta, the flights will be carried out by only one aircraft and with the control in transit of people. Mandatory use of masks, temperature gauge and rapid tests are for now the measures implemented for anyone wishing to travel between the islands. More people are expected with the return of international flights that are scheduled for August.

UPDATE 28 June 2020: In Boavista Island no more cases of covid 19 were registered. Boavista still continues Covid Free without any sign of change in the scenario, but this cannot be said of other islands, that at the general level we are in a situation where, the number of assets has increased in some counties in the country, the rate of recovery is at 55.3%, and the overall lethality rate is at 0.87%.

UPDATE May 22, 2020: BOA VISTA is COVID-free. With all the patients recovered, Boavista is without active cases of Covid-19. Government estimates reopening of international flights for the month of July.

Taking into account the current situation of the novel coronavirus, the scenario of economic paralysis is visible in several sectors of the world economy. However, one of the most affected, is the tourism sector, which has experienced an extraordinary and significant decline in its activities. For this reason, worldwide efforts are being made to gradually return to normalcy. 

In Cape Verde, Covid-19 stopped the dynamics of passenger flow both nationally and internationally, drastically affecting all sectors of the country’s economy. With all patients recovered and with no new cases on the island of Boavista, the Government and companies are optimistic about the reopening of this sector in the archipelago’s tourist islands.

All international flights are still suspended, but with all health security measures in place, the Government of Cape Verde plans to reopen activities on the island in July. The Government also said that all measures are being imposed so that Cape Verde can be a tourist destination of “high level” of health security.

It is worth remembering that the largest Hotel and Tourism Companies of Cape Verde in general, are already prepared sanitary, following all the recommendations of the National Health Directorate (DGS), with procedures, technologies and cleaning teams all reinforced and trained professionals to guarantee the well-being of all customers. The conditions for social distance are already implemented in the entire tourist sector, from hotel establishments and tour companies to the beautiful and long beaches on the island.

Boavista is one of the Cape Verde islands most affected economically, by this pandemic, especially since all activities on the island revolve around the tourist sector that is currently paralyzed. For this activity to be resumed as soon as possible, everything is already prepared so that tourists can breathe fresh air, be closer to nature or swim in the tranquil waters of this small paradise in the middle of the Atlantic, after this long period of containment.

The best accommodations to ensure the greatest possible health security are the villas and apartments, where the necessary social distance that must be maintained is most practical. Many apartments in Boa Vista are managed like hotel rooms, with the same services. In the coming days it will be published which airlines will have access to the island and the list of accommodations with health certification.

UPDATE May 11, 2020: Covid-19: Boavista with a total of 46 recovered and still 7 active cases. Government and tourism companies are preparing for a exponential reopening of tourism.

The pandemic situation of the novel coronavirus, better known as Covid-19, has strongly affected the world economy in the most diverse investment sectors and has left millions of people scared to leave their homes, for they fear contracting the virus. Given the strong sanitary, protection and isolation measures, the world economy is gradually rebuilding itself trying to return to normality.

The same happens on the island of Boavista. With 56 confirmed cases, of which 46 are considered cured or recovered, all the active cases on the island are asymptomatic and there still only 7 individuals in this active situation of the virus and evolving positively. The island is yet in a “State of Emergency” until the 14th of May.

At the moment, all international flights are suspended and the Government of Cape Verde is already implementing strategies to recover tourism by presenting abroad a “Health Security Program”  so that, as soon as possible, activities on the island are resumed.

Cape Verde’s largest hotels and tourism companies in general, are already prepared in a sanitary manner, reinforcing cleaning procedures, technologies and teams with professionals able to guarantee the customers welfare, while all the security measures imposed by the government are being implemented. Especially for touristics companies in Boavista, which is one of the largest touristics islands in Cape Verde, and where cleaning services are highly appreciated by tourists. The conditions for social distance are already being implemented across the tourism sector in order to make people feel more secure. The island’s immense beaches also offer security because they are long and wide. 

Finally, everything is prepared and ready for another season of tourism and soon we will have an extraordinary reopening, but very pleasant for those who want to venture on a paradise island after this period of confinement. Stay tuned to the news page for more information on the reopening of tourism that will be sooner than you think.

UPDATE May 05, 2020: Boavista has 56 confirmed cases, of which 14 have already healed. There is no serious case, as most positives are asymptomatic. The island is still in a “state of emergency” and will remain closed until 14 May. At the moment, all international flights remain suspended until further notice.

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