Cape Verde Inter-Island maritime travel company

The new company that manages the public service concession is led by the Portuguese company Transinsular, and will also provide ships to secure connections between Cape Verde islands.

The public service concession came into force last months under the new maritime transport model. According to the schedule, Cape Verde Fast Ferry “Liberdadi” will make three voyages, ensuring travel between the islands of Santiago, Boa Vista, Sal and São Vicente. Other ships from the same concession will make connections to the rest of the islands. Following the signing of the concession contract in Praia, the chairman of Transinsular’s board of directors said that maritime transport in Cape Verde will include five ships, an initial investment of half a million euros.

In the opinion of the head of government, the new concession will allow “the availability of inter-island maritime travel under quality, regular, predictable, and safe conditions.”