10 year challenge


Finally a #10yearchallenge we can be proud of! Cape Verde is breaking records with the most sea turtle nests recorded in history for the 2018 nesting season which ran from June to October.

The number of nests laid on the archipelago more than doubled 2017 numbers,jumping from about 40,000 in 2017 to 109,202 in 2018, and the majority of those were found on Boa Vista.

The steady increase in sea turtle nesting in Cape Verde is believed to be attributed to improving beach quality which provides appropriate habitat for these animals. The high suitability of the beaches is largely the result of years of conservation efforts by a number of dedicated NGOs and the criminalization of the consumption of turtle meat and eggs.

Cape Verde is host to the world’s third largest nesting Loggerhead sea turtle population,but the ranking may change if this trend continues!

During the summer time it is possible to observe the nesting of thousands of sea turtles, which every year arrive on the beaches of the island between June and September. More information can be found here: TURTLES EXCURSION