Second star to the right and then straight to … BOAVISTA!
Just as the old sailors arrived on the Cape Verde coast behind stars, you can also learn to recognize them: this incredible experience will make you rediscover the magic of getting excited in the midst of nature, under a starry sky to be observed with the specialized guides.

With the help of powerful telescopes, a laser, a tablet and the right latitude you can learn to recognize constellations and asteroids, planets and distant objects such as galaxies and nebulae. The moon will be to photograph like you have never seen, as well as Jupiter and Saturn, the Pleiades and more. The darkness of the night in Africa will express wishes to you every time you see a shooting star!

The experience will make you curious, with a scientific and a romantic part, with which you will be able to recognize certain objects in the sky, or the naked eye, to impress friends and family by telling evocative stories about myths and legends from various cultures.
In addition, you’ll learn how to use astronomical tablet apps and phones to replicate the experience anywhere else.

Although as a drop in the sand of the sea, Boavista is a place where you can feel “part of the planet” with its animals, its land, its sea, its climate and now also the skies. The hazards-free location, the convenience of transportation, a suitable excursion for all ages, the break for coffee with cookies and hot tea, the guides’ ability and technology will give you a night full of exciting and exciting memories for young and old and rediscover the beauty of the night sky, now a given but always present throughout life.

Tour Details

Every day (with reservation and a minimum of 8 people)
Duration: 3 hours

Tour Description

Upon arriving at the viewing spot, guests will be greeted by the guide who, after a brief introductory briefings on what is observed during the night, will begin to indicate objects visible to the naked eye.
Depending on the phase of the moon, the schedule and time of year will observe deep space planets, stars and objects with a telescope, lasers and tablet.
During the night, you can take pictures to capture images.
It will also be available for a tablet to learn how to use apps that allow us to recognize heavenly bodies so we can repeat the experience at home with your device.
At the end of the night is given a gadget.
On the site are available chairs and blankets, biscuits and hot drinks.
The excursion is suitable for children of 3 years.
The guides speak ENG-ITA-FRA-DEU-SPA-POR.
No special technical knowledge required and transportation arrives directly at the observation site.

Recommended clothing

Comfortable shoes, sweater or light coat


In pickup or pullman (based on number of participants)


Dinner can be offered at the Viana Club, the restaurant near the desert, but stargzaing can be organized even without dinner.


With dinner: 7:00 p.m.
Without janter: hours 20.30
Where: from hotel (by reservation at the reception or from your tour operator) or from Shell at Sal-Rei (reserving directly with NATURALIA)
Return: 23.30 hours at the hotel or in the city

Why do starwatching?
The Earth is but a small stage in a vast cosmic arena:
to answer the question “is there anything out there?” we must first understand that we are dust of stars.