An impressive beach with bright colors
The beach of Santa Monica in Boa Vista is one of the wonders of Cape Verde. 22 km long, in the south-west of the island, attracts most tourists, but despite constant increases, its dimensions allow any visitor to try the experience of being totally in the midst of pristine nature. Often the waves of the Atlantic Ocean are powerful, much more so than at King Sal and many parts of the coast offer the perfect spot for experienced surfers. Especially in summer, the waves decrease and give a surreal landscape, a vast expanse difficult to describe, seems to have for the whole ocean.
Despite the sparse vegetation, you can always see many types of birds that hunt where the water is lower and when the whale (spring) period is occasionally possible to see gaps or puffs of humpback whales in the distance.
Pretty soon this beach will be the site of building large resorts, but not for long, you can visit it in its entirety as it was created. A great little piece of paradise waiting to be explored and remembered as a pleasant experience.


– The recommended means to get to Santa Monica are to pick up or quads, but you can also get there with a rental scooter.
– If you go there for the first time, we advise you not to go alone: at the hotel ask to book your tour; if you’re in town, ask for the guides listed at the bottom of the page.
– Given its size, the beach is suitable for long walks and spectacular baths, but carry water and a snack with you; In any case, the phone also works well here.
– The reflection of the sun on the sand is like snow: take with you sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat; in the winter the wind blows a lot but it is worth visiting the beach at least once, you will not regret it.
– If you want to go alone, see the map below!