QuadZone will take you on a ride through the golden dunes on a quad, on muddy roads, volcanic eruptions, tropical oasis and fabulous beaches.
The perfect experience for magical excursions, surrounded by nature. Away from the city and everyday life, you will be immersed in the beauty of a heavenly island, in complete safety, in the company of expert guides.

QuadZone offers unique tours, allowing you to experience the Cape Verdean Majesty of Boavista.
We work so you can live in this exciting adventure.
Book directly to the hotel or by phone. We speak ITA ENG FRA POR ESP.
It is recommended to book the trip on the day of arrival.
We also recommend wearing sunglasses, comfortable shoes and sunscreen.
During the excursions you can take photos, take a bath and wallow in the dunes.
There is refreshment during the tour.

Main tours:
Viana Desert, Cape S. Maria Wreck, Morro de Areia, Santa Monica.

Requirements for driving or quad: 18 years and driving license.
Minimum age to climb the quad as a passenger: 16 years.

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