Naturalia has been operating in Boa Vista since January 2008. The main objectives of Naturalia are:
– Promote ecotourism activities in Boa Vista, based mainly on intelligent and sustainable use of the island’s natural resources.
– To sensitize the sites to the economic value of natural resources and the importance of their long-term preservation, encouraging their involvement and participation in the activities and benefits of the project.
– Combining tourism and the environment to support activities for the conservation and protection of endangered species and habitats.
– Contribute to a better knowledge of the habitats and species present in Boa Vista with the collection of data of scientific interest.

Whale watching: From March to May, humpback whales can be seen near the northwest coast. The tour takes place in the morning and in the afternoon.

Turtle watching: From July to September, thousands of caretta specimens climb the beaches to nest. The tour is at night. From September to November, it is possible to witness the birth of the little ones and release them into the sea.

Bird watching: Throughout the year, we organize trips to photograph the rare Cape Verdean specimens.

Night Sky Observation (Stargazing): Every week you take night walks in the desert for observation and photography of starlit skies with professional telescope and experienced guides who will teach you how to recognize constellations, planets and read the night sky.

Snorkeling: On request, we organize group or group excursions for the observation and photography of wrecks, coral reefs and colorful fish, from which you can find a list here: Type of fish.

Tour of the island: we organize on request of the excursions of the island, by car or on foot.

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