The Boa Vista you can observe whales closely: shoals of Humpback whales comes to Cape Verde to give birth and eat, from March to May.

The trip is with hotel booking or directly from the operators listed on this page. The boat ride (usually by catamaran or motor boat) takes about 3 hours.

The sighting of whales contributes to the awareness of visitors regarding the protection of these fascinating creatures, who arrive in Boa Vista to give birth to babies in these waters sparsely populated by predators. Whale watching is a very pleasant, no-nonsense, which enhances adults and children because it allows a total immersion in nature safely.

Whales are huge but very peaceful animals: they are often approached by boats simply puzzled by noises or the ship’s tonnage. They also sound very agile and it is common to see really spectacular jumps or acasos. The sea is generally uncrowded and position near the coast allows for a quiet and pleasant journey.

Tour Details

Every day (in the period between March and May)
Duration: 3 hours

Tour Description

We start from the hotel or the city in the morning (08.30) or in the afternoon (14.30).
From the small dock of the city, a spacious boat is used to transfer aboard equipped or similar catamarans.
After the journey of about 30 minutes, you will arrive at the observation place, accompanied by a biologist, a professional photographer and crew, making you feel accompanied, for the duration of the cruise.

A briefing will provide general information on humpback whale biology and behavior. Sightings in Cape Verde are frequent, but they seem to tend to Boa Vista due to chains carrying their favorite food: krill (plankton).
While traveling, you can take pictures: it is recommended to use the tropicalized lens to prevent any splashing of water can damage the camera. It is not possible to shoot under water or swim.

The biologist can provide all the information or details about visible animals (sometimes even dolphins, whale sharks and flying fish). Their presence on board allows a constant monitoring of the studied specimens, feeding habits and reproduction of this group, or that they prefer to Cape Verde. Over the years, it has increased its number, a sign that the Boa Vista is a favorable environment.

The excursion is suitable for children of 6 years.
The guides speak ENG-ITA-FRA-DEU-SPA-POR.
No special technical knowledge required and transportation arrives directly at the site of observation.

Recommended clothing

Comfortable shoes, sweater or jacket (during the cruise can be strong wind)

Transporte incluído

Pickup, jipe 4×4 ou bus

Coffee break

Bibite, snack e birra saranno serviti durante l’escursione


– 08.30 from the hotel or Sal-Rei (with reservation at the reception or from your tour operator)
– return after 3 hours of cruise

In case of bad weather or adverse sea conditions, the trip is delayed or canceled. In case of sudden interruption, the ticket will be refunded.

Why see the whales?
The whale is the largest animal that lives on our planet. At birth weighs 3 tons and while living in the sea, it is a mammal very similar to humans. He lives in flocks, calves, mates with a single companion, protects the puppies and teaches them to swim and feed themselves.
It is an animal that transmits energy, joy and freedom.