desert viana boavista
desert viana boavista
desert viana boavista





An extension of the Sahara in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Boavista has a real desert in the northwestern part of the island: the desert of Viana. Just one kilometre wide and 5 km long, is characterized by a clear sand mixed with grains of black rocks. The ocean winds carry immense volumes of sand continuously from the African continent, depositing them on the island of Boavista because of the shape of the terrain and the proximity to the Mainland. This creates real sand dunes, interspersed with a sparse vegetation and some very dark volcanic rocks. The result of this is a rainbow of colors and fast passage of clouds projected on the ground an alternation of light and shade almost hypnotic.

The lunar landscape, magnified by the total lack of artificial sounds, makes this place a staging point obliged: you can stroll effortlessly walk, in the tranquility of being walking distance from civilization, without danger of encountering venomous animals or quicksand.

This drop of sand in the ocean is protected by the Government of Cape Verde, which forbids the circulation to motorized vehicles and promotes the construction of stone "walls" to limit the movement of sand dunes, which annually seem to progress toward the coast. Live an adventure in the wilderness has never been easier!


- Recommended means to reach the Viana desert are the pick up or the quad.

- If you go for the first time, we advise you not to go there alone: inquire at the hotel to book your trip. If you're in town please contact guides listed on this page.

- Due to its small size, the desert lends itself to walks of medium difficulty: bring water and a snack. in any case, the phone works fine here.

- The reflection of the sun on the sand is like on the snow: bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat; much wind blows at the top of the dunes, but worth the climb to slip and take a photo memory.

- If you're lucky enough to happen on a night of full moon, a ride in the desert by moonlight is an unforgettable trip!


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